Our Response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

During the corona virus crisis in the UK we are following government guidance.

If you have an appointment with our engineers to carry out a test on your property we will be following this guidance for your safety and our staff.

COVID-19 Government Guidance

What you can expect from us.

Whilst the COVID-19 Coronavirus is ongoing, our business is delivering testing and inspection to properties in the Kent area working in partnership with letting agents and landlords.


PPE – Mask

Mask will be worn where it is deemed appropriate. Studies have shown that wearing masks can be a hindrance and can encourage the user to touch their face to readjust the masks. Masks will be worn when appropriate.

PPE – Gloves

Our electrical engineers are issued with gloves to carry out the inspection and test. However these may need to be removed at certain times during the test. If this is the case they will apply antibacterial gel to their hands before commencing.

PPE – Safety Glasses

Our engineers are given safety glasses and are encourage to wear them for their safety. If they deem it necessary they will be wearing them upon arrival to your property.

Cleaning and Washing of Hands

Our engineers are briefed to our health and safety risk assessment on the Covid-19 outbreak. They have been issued with antibacterial hand wash and will be carrying this with them when they enter your property. Gloves will only be worn where it is deemed appropriate during an inspection.

Social Distance and the Use of Barriers

If we feel it necessary we will put barriers up in the property where our engineers are working as a reminder of the 2 metre rule. We will endeavour to stick to this rule and will ask that you move yourselves from the room during the inspection and test to reduce the risk of infection.

Continued and Ongoing Discussion

We will continue with ongoing discussions and keep lines of communication open and react accordingly to changeable situations. If we feel you are at risk or our engineers deem it inappropriate to enter the property on the day of the test we will reschedule a new date and time with you.